With Dragon Ball’s company, we had a happy childhood. There are amazing equipments and all kinds of characters in Dragon Ball. “Z Fighters” not only follows the manga plots, but also includes surprises for players. When we think of the cartoon, we think of Power Pole and Nimbus. Now I’ll show you the Equipment of Z fighters.

In Z Fighters, there are 3 kinds of Equipment: Weapons (ATK), Armor (DEF) and Extras (HP). There are 4 Grades: S Grade (Yellow), A Grade (Blue), B Grade (Green), and C Grade (White). S Grade is the most advanced, then A Grade, B Grade, and C Grade. Besides regular Equipment, there are also many rare and ultimate equipment. Exclusive Equipment and Armor along with Buffs makes some partners stronger..

Kid Goku wore Turtle Gear after he became an apprentice to Master Roshi. Turtle Gear is the most valuable Gear among A Grade. Player can get Equipment from Battles, Events, Capsules and Tournament. Its basic DEF Bonus is 57, and it also has passive bonus - ”Turtle” (Equipped by Master Roshi, Kid Goku or Kid Krillin, DEF Bonus is 19 percent)


Don’t hesitate, collect Exclusive Equipment for your heroes now.


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